Today Localised Rainfall Of 375.2 mm Recorded Over Mumbai

Mumbai recorded highest rainfall of this season recording 375.2 mm and Colaba only 137.8 mm today on 02 July 2019 for last 24 hrs ending at 0830 hrs IST. This is one of the best example of localized rainfall. The cloud patch which gave rainfall at Palghar 395.0 mm, shifted little southwards yesterday. Under it’s effect, area from Palghar to Santacruz reported 350 mm to 400 mm (shown in red circle) in last 24 hrs ending on 02nd June 2019. Dahanu and Colaba recorded half of the rainfall amount which are few kilometers from Palghar & Santacruz respectively. Surat which recorded upto 200 mm on 01st July 2019 recorded 0.0 mm today. Hence it is a highly localized phenomenon.

Similar localized phenomenon occurred over Palghar on 30th June 2019. Several places in the the districts of Palghar district recorded extremely heavy rainfall exceeding 300 mm. These rainfall have occurred within span of 12 hours. This has been peculiar phenomenon since past few years that Palghar district record such rainfall. It is also anticipated that due to local circulation these events have occurred.

Rainfall over Palghar districts on 01.07.19 for past 24 hours:
Malyan 335mm, Kasa 340mm, Palghar 340mm, Manor 317mm, Boisar 308mm, Safala 395 mm, Tarapur 307 mm.

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