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When an individual portrays himself as belonging to a particular place, it means that he is physically, mentally, emotionally, financially or economically associated with not only the touch but also even with the scent of the land.

He could be a native or migrated and settled to call himself as a person of the land. Indian culture nevertheless has passed on the message over generations that the land where one survives is a mother. Mother is worshipped much more than the divine spirit. The question here is what should be an individual’s reaction when there is a problem with the mother?

Mumbai, the place under discussion is a unique city which paints its picture as it moves. The city which has a tremendous capacity to bear any kind of disaster whether man-made or natural, needs lot of preference from the public, from the people who govern, from the people who make laws, from the people who claim to be the guards. The city which provides shelter and food for a multitude of people with varied culture is ignored when in need.

The city which is an abode for the affluent class and the common man, the rich, poor and the needy is not given importance of class. The city full of huge skyscrapers and largest slums is neglected by the government. The city’s mass which enjoys and portrays not only the Indian culture but also blends smoothly with the western moods is a prey to the laxness of the people who claim to be our guard.

The question now arises as to whether Mumbai’s speculation of being ruthless, fearless, sleepless etc., is due to its ignorance or moving with an esteemed sense of unity or having a Himalayan capacity to withstand the good and the bad. On one-side people talk of population control on the other side there is infiltration of refugees from Bangladesh. & other states. When locals talk of Land eviction, they are ignorant of land being hijacked by the extortionist.

When someone utters “ I am from Mumbai” or “ Me Mumbaikar”  a sense of possessiveness with an urge to contribute for its betterment without losing its originality is what is expected . Instead of complaining on what the city has done to me let us ask one-self as to what I have given to the city and its people. When a child is hurt the mother succumbs but when such a mother who has embraced and nurtured is not attended when in need then there is no meaning to such a life.

“Me Mumbai” or “ Mumbai in Me” should reflect one’s utmost feelings for the city. A feeling of palpitation should arise when the city and its people are hurt or at loss. Be an alert and vibrant citizen for the problems to walk off before it attempts.

A small effort with profound feeling for this great city is being attempted by the Website named “Me Mumbai “. The word “Me” in Marathi and English are synonymous to each other and thus challenging every individual staying in Mumbai to wake up and fight for its real life problems and rights.

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