Mumbai River March 2018 – Save Mumbai Rivers

Do you know there are rivers in Mumbai and where they are? Mumbai have lost all the 4 rivers which were once flowing through the city, soothing the nerves of every Mumbaikar, giving us an opportunity to walk on the banks, after a hard day of work and giving children an opportunity play in its waters. Alas, we are left with the garbage heaps today where these rivers once flowed in all their glory.

There are 4 rivers in Mumbai:

What is River March Movement?

River March is a movement which we seek to rejuvenate our rivers by striving to free them from encroachments, save remaining mangroves and contribute a non-polluted green environment. It is a group of citizens who have taken the initiative to Rehab Mumbai Environment.

Why River March Movement?

Sea levels are rising due to climate change. The World Bank has ranked Mumbai as one of the most vulnerable city to sea level rise in the world – fifth in terms of overall cost of damage and seventh in terms of damage measured as percentage of GDP.

Deforesting wetlands made the city vulnerable to tidal surge, causing storm water drains to overflow back into the city during high tide.

Deeper examination suggests the urban corridors of Mumbai’s river emerge as one of the greatest potentials to not only address issues of flooding, but also create a livable and symbiotic urban environment. Mumbai’s rivers are seasonal and begin in the catchment areas in the hills of Borivali National Park, and flow via wetlands – Dahisar in the north, Oshiwara towards the west, Poisar in the centre and Mithi in the southern part of Mumbai – into the Arabian Sea.

Details of event:

Date: 4th March 2018

Venue: Rustomjee School Ground, Dahisar West, Mumbai


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