11th July Miraculous Survivor Of Mumbai Train Blast

It’s 13 years now, on 11th July 2006 many of the train commuters lost there life in a serial train bomb blast who were travelling in first class compartment.

Many people died but one person survived to narrate his ordeal. He was a miraculous survivor in the Virar train where the blast took place near Mira Road.

His name is William Joseph from Vasai. He was few metres away from the explosion. His eardrums ruptured, fell on his knees, clueless about what happened. In his semi unconcious state could not understand why he can see open sky in a train.

His clothes were torn completely but hardly any major injuries on his body except for some burns on his hand and stitches on the back of his head.

Mumbai Train Blast 11th July 2016 Survivor Clothes William

A good samaritan from Palghar took him to hospital but later vanished. William was so much thankful for him, that even today he his eager to meet him and offer him countless thanks for whatever he had done to him.

Watch the complete interview for his dreadful experience:

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