9th May First Tram In Mumbai

Trams served the Mumbaikars for almost 90 years. The Britishers proposed the project in 1864 and awarded the contract to the company – Stearns and Kitteredge in 1873.

The first tram, begun on 9 May 1874 on two routes Colaba to Pydhonie via Crawford Market, and Bori Bunder to Pydhonie. It were drawn by six to eight horses. The cost of riding the tram was one annas which had speed of 5 miles per hour.

Above photo: Double decker tram at Pydhonie in 1920.

The areas connected by tram was Grant Road, Pydhonie, Girgaum, Byculla bridge and Sassoon Dock. After the introduction of electric trams, the route was extended till King Circle. Dadar was the main tram terminus, till today it is known as Dadar T.T.

Below are some of the facts about Tram services in Mumbai:

  • First tram service (horse-pulled): May 9, 1874
  • In 1907, the Bombay Electric Supply and Tramways Company (B.E.S.T.) purchased Bombay Tramway Company Limited (B.T.C.L.) and began operating the city’s first electric tram system. shortly after the horse-drawn tram system closed down.
  • First electric tram: May 7, 1907.
  • BEST launched its motorised bus service on July 15, 1926. First BEST bus.
  • Double-deck tram service began in September 1920; at the peak of service in 1935, 433 trams ran on 47 kilometres.

Last tram service in Mumbai
On 31st March 1964, the last tram travelled on the streets of Mumbai between Bori Bunder and Khodadad tram terminus (now Dadar T.T.). The last tram was scheduled at 10pm from Bori Bunder. To bid farewell large crowd gathered and the tram was packed to full capacity.

Last tram

Photo source: Twitter-Mumbai Heritage

Below photos shows the horse tram near Flora Fountain in 1880:

Flora Fountain in 1880s

Flora Fountain in 1880s with Tram

In 1907, Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company (BEST) took over and introduced electric trams. Later double decker trams were introduced in 1920. By 31st March 1964 the trams were abandoned due to growth in traffic and fast paced life of Mumbai.


First Bus in Mumbai

The tram services was taken over by Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Company (BEST) in 1907. But rapid urbanisation and growth in traffic brought an end to trams. Due to this BEST introduced buses, the solution for quicker transport. The first bus (in below photo) ran on 15th July 1926.



Tram Tracks found at flora fountain during road construction work in 2016:

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