BMC plans to make city’s streets free from cattle & stray dogs in next 3 years

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) plans to make Mumbai city free from street cattles and stray dogs, therefore civic corporation would soon set up veterinary centres. Also they will hire eleven permanent doctors and seven doctor on contract basis at this veterinary centers which will be set up in western, central and eastern suburb of Mumbai. A senior civic official from the veterinary department stated they want to make Mumbai free from street cattles, stray dogs in next three years hence the department will be made more efficient so that no dogs remains to be non-sterilized.

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As per Bombay High Court orders the Mumbai streets have been asked to be kept free from cattles and stray dogs. The civic official added the cattle have been asked to be taken out of the city but still there are 2,000 cattles on streets, so if any cattles met with an accident who will be held responsible. Therefore, three animal shelter homes and incineration centres have been proposed to keep the streets free from stray dogs and animals which will eventually help to control the spread of any diseases which is usually caused due to street animals.

“By setting up animal shelters civic school children will get an opportunity to visit these animal shelter homes where they can see the real animals which they only see in their school textbooks. Also, by involving Non Government Organisations (NGO) action against street cattle and dogs will be more frequent and prompt. BMC has also purchased four new vehicles for it,” said Nidhi Choudhari, the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (DMC) of BMC.

According to the data available with BMC in the year 2016 around 11,967 dogs been sterilized, in year 2017, double the number of dogs been sterilized as compared to previous year around 24,290. While as per 2014 census in Mumbai the population of dogs is 90,000. Therefore every year if 35000-36,000 dogs are been sterilized, the birth population of dogs will come down with zero percentage. DMC Choudhari added, “In other countries no strays dogs or cattle we see, everyone has a pet in their house, in Mumbai too the pet lovers are increasing therefore, its high time the needs to be fulfilled.”

Civic body’s grand plan

BMC plans to setup three dog shelters,and three incineration centres to dispose off animal carcasses to control spread of diseases.
Six NGO’s actively involved in taking prompt and frequent action against cattle owners.
2014 census: 90,000 stray dogs in Mumbai.

Dogs sterilization programme 2016: 11,967 dogs sterilized.
Dogs sterilization programme 2017: 24,290 dogs been sterilized.
If in three years 35000 to 36,000 dogs are sterilized in a year then the birth control rate of stray dogs will do down to zero is what BMC expects.

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