Mumbai Scottish Students Raise Rs 43 Lakh To Give Vidarbha’s Disabled Villagers a New Shot at Life!

Students from Bombay Scottish School in Mahim have taken up the cause to provide artificial limbs to villagers from remote places of Vidarbha, Maharashtra.It is a perfect example of education enriching the young souls.

As many 156 students in age range of 14 years to 16 years raised the amount of Rs 43 lakhs through crowdfunding.

This amount will be used to provide artificial limbs to those from remote villages in the Vidharbha region.

In a report published by The Times of India, Dr Sunder Subramanium of Freedom Trust, the NGO, who will help procure the artificial limbs, said, “It’s heart-warming that these young children have taken this initiative to such a height.”

Freedom Trust, a charitable institution established in 1997, believes that a handicapped human being can be empowered to lead a good and dignified life, where they can contribute to society in their own way.

Since the cost of each limb is about Rs 10,000, each of the students had set themselves the target of raising Rs 20,000.

Five students whose efforts must be appreciated and applauded are Saachi Kamat, Ansh Patel, Dia Parasrampuria, Maryam Mozayan, and Keisha Kaba. They all have managed to collect over Rs 1 lakh each.

Saachi, a class 11 student told the publication, “About 80% of the funds I recovered came from people I didn’t know.”

With 4 days to go before the campaign ends, it is hoped that the money raised benefits the maximum number of people.

In a similar vein, a crowdfunding initiative by Bengaluru’s Delhi Public School North set out to raise Rs 17 lakh for those suffering from congenital heart disease. Crish Chengappa, a class 10 student from the school at the time, raised Rs 2,00,500. Read about this initiative here.

Here’s your chance to make a difference and help Bombay Scottish’s students in their cause.

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