Jehangir Art Gallery

History of Jehangir Art Gallery

Cowasji Jehangir, the 2nd Baronet, was interested in art and always encouraged artists. He himself was President of Bombay Art Society for several years and use to help the society during any financial crisis.

During that time, Dr. Homi Bhabha a nuclear physicist was also a art lover. He use to encourage artists by purchasing their art. He along painter Krishna Hebber successfully convinced Sir Cowasji to fund for art gallery in Bombay.

It did not take much persuasion to convince Sir Cowasji Jehangir, who astutely recognized the urgent need of a public art gallery in the city in the post-Independence era. He immediately offered Rs 250,000 in 1946 on a condition that good plot be made available. On 21 January 1952 the gallery was inaugurated, by then Chief Minister of Bombay State, B. G. Kher and dedicated it to the memory of Sir Cowasji’s late son, Jehangir.

The Jehangir Art Gallery now has four halls with modern amenities, suitably equipped for exhibitions of the visual arts – the Auditorium three Exhibition Gallery, Hirji Jehangir Gallery and Terrace Art Gallery for Photography and Visual Art. The building has been designed by Durga Bajpai and is one of the early concrete structures in the city.

Visiting Hours: 11.00 am to 7.00 pm
Open: On all Days
Entry: Free


PHONE – 022 22843989

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