Only BMC To Blame, Does Citizens Too Should Have Civic Responsibilities?

Tip tip barse sawan aur hath mai chaai

Ankon mai khushi, hath mai garam bhajiye

Nanhi si muskaan, aur boondon ka ehsaas

Masti aur mojo wali, yeh hai Mumbai ki baarish!

WE, the people of Amchi Mumbai love all our seasons, be it the hot summer or the cold winters and also the raging monsoons. In Mumbai, you’ll see how mesmerizing it is to be a part of this awesome weather. Oh yes! We are talking about our very own monsoons or as one may say ‘rainy season’ I mean who doesn’t love it?

Mumbai rains has got its own different story. It is a wonderful experience that one can have while enjoying the rains. While people sip on coffees or chais, or are having garam bhajias with pudine ki chutney, or dancing in rains, some getting wet in the first showers, one running late for work but still enjoying the cold breeze but there is something else too which always makes us wonder if we should talk about it. It is the traffic, the pollution, the potholes, the floods that almost destroys homes and so much more and WE, the people of Mumbai always blame our BMC.

WE, the people of Mumbai will always blame the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation for every little problem that occurs during the season of monsoon. But what we have to realize is that we have a certain civic responsibility towards the rains. We should start working on taking steps that will not only help others but will also in a way contribute to less problems. Our little steps towards this can help the BMC too, only if there is cooperation from our side. Our civic responsibility can do wonders if we go to see and we are here to tell you how –

  • Making sure not to use any plastic materials and do not throw it away in the water for it is the major reason for water clogging or overflowing of manholes.
  • Try to avoid using anything that might lead to drainage issues. Informing the BMC about any kind of issues related to monsoons as soon as possible.
  • Making sure not to run or dance in the muddy water for it might make you fall sick or cause severe injuries.
  • Mergers and collaborations with various companies can be done, certain amount of money should be put in, so that they can repair the bridges, flyovers, roads and footpaths for better safety of people.
  • If during monsoon, there is a traffic jam and absence of traffic police, one should stand out and try to give appropriate directions in order to decrease the jams.
  • Various trusts and organisations must see to it that they help the BMC and cooperate with them as much as they can. Helping with funds or man power can be of vital importance for that can help solve various problems like crumbling of drainage. Electricity issues, or any other kind. Trusts and organisations should conduct classes related to safety issues in schools and colleges.

If we follow some rules, we will not ever have to blame BMC for anything. So shall we do it?

image source: The Daily Hunt

Article by: Yukti Jain



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