Aksa Beach

Aksa beach lies 10 km from Borivali or Malad railway stations, is located in Aksa Village, at Malad very close to Malvani. The secluded beach is very famous amongst the college students as it is untouched by the visitors. The beach is unsafe to indulge into waters since one can read number of cases of drowning of youngsters through newspaper.

The beach extends to INS Hamla at one end, which serves as a base of the Indian Navy and another small beach called Daana Paani is also located here. The beach is lined with a number of private cottages and hotels, which is often rented out to tourists.

The Madh-Marve road leading up to the beach is a pleasant change from the everyday traffic and smog that pollutes our life. Thats why even the drive towards the beautiful beach is soothing and scenic; that you will thoroughly enjoy.

How To Reach Aksa Beach
Aksa can be reached from both Malad station and Borivali station. One can take bus no. 269 from Borivali station or bus no. 271 from Malad Station.


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