Sunny Pawar – Things To Know About This Mumbai Boy

Sunny Pawar a small boy for Mumbai won everybody’s hearts at the 89th Academy Awards ceremony. He acted in the blockbuster Hollywood biographical film “Lion” and did a role of young Saroo Brierley. Though he could barely speak English he was best fit for the role.

Things to know about Sunny Pawar:
1) He is a 8 year old boy and the son of Dilip Pawar, former government office sweeper.
2) Sunny stay in a Kalina slum in the western suburbs, near airport area along with his parents and 3 siblings.
3) He is a class 3 bright student of the Air India Model School, Kalina.
4) Selected from 2,000 children across schools in India to play the role.
5) Sunny Pawar barely speaks English. So Garth Davis had a hard time. The director used sign language to make Sunny understand the dialogues, enact the sad or emotional scenes.

About Movie:
Lion is a incredible story of a 5 year old Indian boy known as Saroo Brierley. He gets seperated from his family. He is dragged in a crowded train to Kolkatta hundreds of kms away from his home. He barely speak in other language braving child pickers. He is adopted by screen mother Nicole Kidman and father David Wenham who are shown as Australian couple. Dev Patel acted as older Saroo. Later his struggle to find lost home and his mother in India.

The movie nominated for 6 Oscars. No awards for the film but Sunny Pawar rocked the floors of Hollywood.

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