Shobha Yatra 2019 – Gudhi Padwa Celebration in Mumbai

Gudi Padwa festival marks the beginning of the New Year to the Maharashtrians. The occasion commences spring season and celebration of new beginnings.

People hoist “Gudhi”, a bamboo staff is erected in front of the house. A new cloth is then tied to the gudhi. A bright garlanded vessel is hung on top of it. Gudhi is symbolic of achievement and it is devotedly worshipped.

The Mumbaikars are at it best by celebrating with lots of enthusiasm specially when it comes to Shobha Yatra. It is a traditional procession and it has become a major attraction for the people.

Though there are many places where Shobha Yatra take place, here are some classic captures from some of the Shobha Yatra’s in Virar, Girgaum and Dahisar.

Below are the photos from Shobha Yatra at Yashwant Nagar Virar: 

Below are photos from Girgaum (Photographer – Manoj Dhotre):

Above Photo: Shailesh Puralkar

Shobha Yatra at Dahisar


Astitva Dhol Pathak Performance during Gudhi Padwa 2019 at Virar:

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