I Am Mumbaikar, Fully Support Auto Strike…..

I am a Mumbaikar, fully support Auto Strike.

I asked an auto rickshaw driver if he will take me to Seven Bungalows. As usual, he refused, and just stood there. Then I asked another passing auto rickshaw…he too refused and ran off. I asked a third one, he did not even bother to stop.

Still, clinging on to dear hope, I requested one more empty auto…he just went off even without bothering to say “No”.

Then I turned towards the first auto guy, who was standing there watching my futile efforts nonchalantly. I showed him my Uber app, and booked a cab within 30 secs, though with a nominal surge. Then I told him in Hindi that he should remember the past 10 minutes that he saw, when the auto unions go on strike. I tried 4 autos and then booked an Uber at surge price.

Hence –

  1. The business that the autos lose is not because of Uber/Ola. Ola, Uber or other private vehicles are not sufficient to fulfil city’s requirement. The fact is that the business that Uber/Ola get is because of the attitude auto rickshaw drivers.
  2. A thing the auto guys need to remember – A Mumbaikar has enough money, but no time. So, he will take another mode immediately if you people waste his time.
  3. Begging every morning for Auto guys to do their duties is not a Mumbaikar’s idea of starting his day.
  4. Union’s won’t get you your passengers back. Commitment will. And yes, strikes will just drive the customers further away from you.
  5. Auto Strike is awesome. Makes my Mumbai beautiful. Reduce pollution.
  6. Auto Strike is beautiful , it makes awesome to drive on the road.
  7. Auto Strike is energetic, it starts my day without begging.

Hence as a Mumbaikar , I fully support such auto strike and pray to continue the strike for ever but……….however Strike Must End.

For whatever reasons, Mumbaikars won’t afford have such strikes. Mumbai have such huge population with different classes of people, even a single mode of transport can hamper us. This city offers so many permutations to get from one point to other point, that it’s simply amazing. Mumbai is lucky as compared to other cities where dealing with rickshaws are even worse. Hope these auto rickshaw drivers take responsibility towards their duty.

Article source: Unknown Mumbaikar.

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