Mumbai 2nd Highest Maximum Temperature Of Decade

Temperature of Mumbai was 38.0 °C on 28th October 2018. This is 3.8 degree above normal. This was second highest temperature recorded of the decade. Earlier on 17th October 2015, Mumbai recorded 38.6°C.

Along with Mumbai coastal areas such as Dahanu 37°C, Alibaug 36°C, Ratnagiri 37°C too had appreciable increase in maximum temperature.

This year October month is hot compare to other years in the past. Normally October month for Mumbai is like March but this year it was abnormally hot. One reason may be abruptly withdrawal of monsoon from Mumbai and other reason is continuously easterly wind which does not allow sea breeze to blow.

Districts of Vidarbha also recording maximum temperature above normal. One more reason is weak monsoon activity at the time withdrawal. Thunder activity also not observed much. Only one month has passed since sun crossed equator. So sun radiation is still strong over Mumbai and adjpining areas.

Light wind does not allow to share this intense day radiation. Though it is not proved but scientist has to study the roll of extra use of cement for making buildings and roads. Which absorb the sun radiation more in compare with other things.

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