The Bold & Ambitious Lady Auto Rickshaw Driver Of Mumbai

There are thousands of auto rickshaws plying on Mumbai roads. It is not unusual that an auto driver refusing the ride. Now don’t be surprised if you see a “Rickshawali”, happy to take for a ride. Mumbai roads are witnessing rising lady auto drivers especially in Central suburbs in Bhandup, Thane area.

Meet Vedangi Ghanekar, one of the lady auto driver from Bhandup. She is studying is in Second Year Arts (SYBA), married and having 3 years son. She had been working in a private company. She left the job since she was not happy with it. She was having other job opportunities too. But what made her to opt for driving an auto rickshaw? Driving an auto rickshaw takes a lot of heart and courage moreover fighting all kinds of social stigma to take up as a profession.

I was not satisfied doing my 9 to 5 job. Moreover I was fed up with bossing. I wanted to do something different, challenging and be independent.

The idea of driving struck her when she shared her views with family. Surprisingly her father-in-law suggested to drive an auto rickshaw since it was lying idle. Her father in law was a rickshaw driver earlier. Vedangi liked the idea and decided nothing can be more challenging than this.

Initially she didn’t get any trainer. So father in law himself trained her and obtained license.

Now almost over two months, Vedangi have been driving the auto rickshaw and she is very confident to drive on crowded roads of Mumbai.

After the State Government of Maharashtra had introduced a scheme which reserved 5 percent of auto rickshaw licenses to women in 2016, some of the Mumbai women were quick to grab the opportunity.

Hats off to Vedangi Ghanekar showing the true spirit of Mumbaikar !!

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