AC Local Train in Mumbai

A Christmas gift for Mumbaikars on 25th December 2017.The much awaited AC Local train in Mumbai was launched with lot of curiosity and enthusiasm.

The AC train was flagged from Borivali station at 10:30 am towards Churchgate. The AC trains are scheduled for 3 up and 3 down services between Churchgate and Borivali till 31st December 2017.

Basic Info about AC Train

Unique Saftety Features


Time Table

Video Inside of AC Train

AC local Mumbai

Basic Info about AC Train

  • 65 trial runs of the train before starting its services.
  • Fares: Base fare for single journey is 1.3 times base fare for first class. For first 6 months is 1.2 times the first class fare.
  • Eligibility: Person with Ticket or pass holder is eligible to travel by first class and ordinary local.
  • Cost of Train: Built in Chennai at a cost of Rs. 54 crore, the 12-car rake of the AC local arrived here on April 4, 2016.
  • Total no. of trains: Total 12 Train Run scheduled. 8 on Churchgate-Virar fast track, 3 on Churchgate-Borivali fast track, 1 Mahalaksmi-Borivali slow track.
  • Till 31st December 2017, train will run between Churchgate & Borivali. From 1st January 2018 between Churchgate-Virar
  • Station Halts For Churchgate-Virar route: the station halts are Mumbai Central, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri, Borivali, Bhayandar, Vasai.
  • 36 personnel on AC train for safety – In every coach there are 3 officials. That is, a ticket checker, two RPF person (for general security and to prevent theft of property) and a technical person (to ensure there is no problem with air-conditioning or other equipment). So for 12 coach, there will be a total of 36 railway-personnel (excluding motorman and guard) to check against ticketless travel and to ensure acomfortable, hassle-free ride.


Unique Saftety Features:

  • LED based coach identification system – For alarm chain pulling and door malfunction.
  • Automatic Door Closure – To prevent passengers from falling off during rush hour.
  • Emergency Evacuation – Emergency ladders provided with signage in each coach.
  • Vestibules – This is a safety feature allowing escape from a coach in a emergency.




Churchgate To

Single Weekly Fort-


Mumbai Central Rs 60 Rs 285 Rs 430 Rs 570
Dadar Rs 85 Rs 445 Rs 630 Rs 820
Bandra Rs 85 Rs 445 Rs 630 Rs 820
Andheri Rs 125 Rs 655 Rs 945 Rs 1240
Borivali Rs 165 Rs 855 Rs 1245 Rs 1640
Bhayander Rs 175 Rs 905 Rs 1325 Rs 1745
Vasai Rs 195 Rs 1035 Rs 1505 Rs 1975
Virar Rs 205 Rs 1070 Rs 1555 Rs 2040



Below is the time table till 31st December 2017:

From Churchgate Station: 09:30 am 11:15 am 01:16 pm
From Borivali Station 09:30 am 11:15 am 13:16 pm


Below is the time table from 1st January 2018:

From Dept To Arrival Status
Mahalaxmi 06:58 Borivali 07:50 Slow
Churchgate 08:54 Virar 10:13 Fast
Churchgate 11:50 Virar 13:05 Fast
Churchgate 14:55 Virar 16:12 Fast
Churchgate 17:49 Borivali 18:41 Fast
Churchgate 19:49 Virar 21:15 Fast


From Dept To Arrival Status
Mahalaxmi 07:54 Churchgate 08:50 Slow
Virar 10:22 Churchgate 11:46 Fast
Virar 13:18 Churchgate 14:44 Fast
Virar 16:22 Churchgate 17:42 Fast
Borivali 18:55 Churchgate 19:44 Fast
Virar 21:24 Churchgate 22:43 Fast


Video of View from Inside of AC Train


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