This South Mumbai Family Celebrate Ganesh Utsav At Home For Awareness

Thousands of Mumbaikar celebrate Ganesh Utsav with passion and enthusiasm. Not only Mandals but some families too bring Ganesh idol with some social message and awareness. Here is one of the family who celebrate in their own way bringing social awareness.

Thanawala is a family residing in South Mumbai and they have been bringing Ganpati at their home since 1979.

My father did “Ganapati Sthapana” from 1987 and then he decided to start bringing Ganpati with a social awareness message. Through our Ganpati pandal, he has been trying to make people aware of various social topics happening in around Mumbai and India.

– Son Dhairya Thanawala

This year 2019 too the theme is related to Mumbai. They made the transport network which would ease travelling in Mumbai. With the ever-increasing population of Mumbai which has led to space crunch and increased traffic woes, the commute time of Mumbaikars has taken a toll. Mumbai requires a great public infrastructure to help Mumbaikars reduce their commute time.

Hence this year’s Ganpati panda includes a 3D map of Mumbai district created by the youngest generation of Thanawala family which shows how Mumbai will look when all the initiatives of the government will be completed which includes:

  • Existing Metro 1 (Versova – Andheri – Ghatkopar)
  • Metro 2 (Dahisar – D N Nagar – Bandra – Mankhurd)
  • Underground Metro 3(Colaba – Bandra – SEEPZ)
  • Metro 4 (Wadala – Ghatkopar – Mulund)
  • Metro 6 (Swami Samarth Nagar – Jogeshwari – Kanjurmarg – Vikhroli)
  • Metro 7 (Andheri(E) – Dahisar(E))
  • Partially underground Metro 8 (Wadala – GPO (CST))
  • Metro 9 (Andheri (E) – Bandra (E))
  • Existing Monorail (Chembur – Wadala – Jacob circle)

and so on…..

You can know more about our thematic Ganpati from 1987 till today on Thanawala’s website

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