It Was Raining Humanity On The Streets of Mumbai

Mumbai saw unprecedented rain on 29th August 2017. The whole city was derailed to chaos and was paralysed. Every media channel was debating on failure of administration. But admist all the chaos the real hero was on street. Yes the real hero was the Mumbaikar.

Above image source: Hindustan Times

All along scene some stuck in trains helping them to alight, while two wheelers helping somebody or other,four wheelers stopping giving lift to all stranded. People distributing vada pav, tea, biscuits and drinking water.

Calling each other, helping each other. Keeping each other updated. Rescue operations were carried by Mumbaikars themselves to fellow citizens in worst areas like Sion, Parel, Vakola, Santa Cruz.

Also Navy people helped people by distributing food to stranded citizens. All temples, gurudwaras opened for shelter and food. Human chains made to rescue people. People sharing alert messages. Big salute to the excellent spirit of Mumbaikars in these testing moments.

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It’s only humanity plays a big role when no one is bothered about religion, caste, rich or poor. We saw the fibre of courage and immense faith in humanity. We saw the youths out on street when their city is in despair. They are faceless, unrecognized and large in numbers. They are the heroes. They are Mumbaikars. Mumbai has such a big human spirit. Mumbai is not what you see in newspapers and news channels. Mumbai is in heart of Mumbaikars. Big Big Salute to spirit of Mumbai.Proud to be Mumbaikar since it was raining humanity.

Author: By some Mumbaikar

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