Pothole Eradication Drive – Download SpotHole

SPOTHOLE a new App helps people to report potholes any part of Mumbai to the Municipal Corporation.

The project started by a group in Mumbai, comprising of 4 core members who developed this mobile application. This project is also known as ‘Fill in the Potholes Project’ – www.fillthepotholes.com

Download this app from Google Playstore and wherever you spot any pothole, just take the snap and submit the ‘report’ button on the app. The GPS location of the smartphone is automatically Geotagged at the location of pothole. This helps the other viewers to see this information and can avoid the routes having too many potholes.


This group is working with Dadarao Bilhore who has jointly launched a Petition on Change.org.

Dadarao Bilhore, 47 years old, a vegetable seller, is on his ongoing mission to fill potholes of Mumbai. He lost his 16 years old son on 28th July 2015, in a road accident occurred due to the potholes. He has filled 350 potholes.

One of the developer of Spothole, Rupesh says “I shared our project details with Mr. Dadarao, heard his story, and we decided to join hands. With his help, we are showing the BMC authorities that they can use the app just as Dadarao is using it,”.

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