Navratri Dress Colour Code 2018

Each day during Navratri is significant in terms of colour since it represents Goddess in different forms. Also each day the idol of Goddess is dressed in that particular colour.

During this period many of the office going ladies and even men of various offices wear the clothes of same colour. This also a very unique way where the true colours of Mumbaikar’s  are seen showing unity and joy of celebration. The effect of these common colour can be seen mostly during peak office hours at railway platforms and specially at destination stations such as Churchgate and CSMT.

The deity and represented colours are:

  1. Goddess Bhairavi or Mahakali – Grey
  2. Goddess Chamunda or Tara – Orange
  3. Goddess Durga – Red
  4. Goddess Matungi – Royal Blue
  5. Goddess Mhalsa – Yellow
  6. Goddess Jagadamba – Green
  7. Goddess Katyayini – White
  8. Goddess Chinnamasta – Pink
  9. Goddess Bhuvaneshvari – Sky Blue

Below is the Navratri Colour Code for Dress during 2018:

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