111 Year Old Ismail Building in Fort

Ismail building, a 111 year old heritage building have been renovated and restored its past glory. This building located just behind Flora Fountain was built in 1906 with Neo classical style. It is a four storey building listed as Grade II A heritage building.

Philanthropist Sir Mohamed Yusuf
Sir Mohamed Yusuf Trust had owned this building which was earlier housed an office cum business centre. The building names after Sir Mohamed Yusuf (born 1876; died 15 September 1965) was an early 20th century Indian businessman and philanthropist. He was the proprietor of Bombay Steam Navigation Company. The Yusuf family own vast amounts of land in Mumbai and the vicinity and is one of the ten largest private landowners in Mumbai.

The trust later sold it to Oriental Realtors for Rs 8 crore in an open auction around 10 years back.

Renovation of Ismail Building
The building was in dilapidated condition which was occupied by 60 commercial tenants. In 2015 some portion of building collapsed which required immediate attention. Hence the renovation process was undertaken under conservation architect Kirtida Unwala.

The new look of the building has become a attraction point. The visitors can’t ignore its grandeur when the whole building is lit up during dark.

The building will be soon open to the public which houses Zara, the Spanish clothing retailer with 50,000 sq. ft. carpet area.

Ismail Building

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