Gorai Beach

Gorai beach lies towards the north-east of the city adjoining the Gorai village. The beach is popular for its beautiful sunset. The local sea-food market is also famous next to this beach. The place is mostly vacant during the weekdays and is a famous picnic spot for the weekends.

Gorai beach is located in the Gorai creek, upto 6 kilometres into the suburbs of Borivali. The beach is known for its scenic view and friendly locals and hence, serves as a local beach getaway to Mumbaikars. It is accessible to various other places too such as Essel World and Water Kingdom, as well as Global Pagoda.

Nearby Attractions
There are other places near Gorai that are worth a visit. Some of these are Essel World and Water Kingdom, Global Vipassana Pagoda, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Velankanni Church, Aksa Beach, Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary and Arnala Fort.

How To Reach
From Bhayander: Gorai Beach is at a distance of 12 km from Bhayander station, which falls on the Western line. From there, one can take the MBMT bus number 4 towards the beach.

From Borivali: Bus numbers 247 and 294 starting from the western end of Borivali station (which also falls on the western line) takes you to the Gorai jetty.

From Malad: People coming from Malad can take a jetty from Marve beach which is available every 15 minutes. It charges about Rs. 20, per person.

From Essel World: From Essel World can take bus no. 4 towards Gorai beach.

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