First Anniversary of Elphinstone Road Bridge Tragedy

It’s a tragedy for Mumbaikars that administration’s eyes opens after a tragedy. It’s exactly one year ago that Mumbai experienced Elphinstone road (now Prabhadevi) bridge tragedy. Let’s pay tribute to 23 Mumbaikars who lost their life.

Image Source: Indianexpress

Commuters and politicians Saturday paid tribute on the first anniversary of the stampede at Prabhadevi railway station here which killed 23 commuters.

The station, when the stampede happened on a narrow railway foot overbridge on September 29 last year, was called Elphinstone Road station.

A rumour about the overbridge “collapsing” sparked panic among morning peak-hour commuters on a rainy day, leading to people rushing towards its staircase with several of them slipping on the wet steps and falling over one another.

Image source: PTI

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