Mumbaikars Are You Ready For Eco Friendly Diwali Celebration?

Housing Societies in Mumbai Celebrate Crackerless Eco Friendly Diwali

Mumbaikars are you ready to celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali celebration? Its easy to say and hard to change ourselves to follow this concept. It’s not only about Diwali or any other festival but it’s a need of time to change our minds to bring environmental awareness.

Kudos to all the societies in Mumbai which are cultivating this concept of celebrating Diwali in Eco friendly way. It’s very fascinatiing to organise the concept and events which bring divine feeling and togetherness.

It just needs willingness and make a power pack schedule by following below tips or any other innovative way:

1) Community Events

  • Organise get together in the morning after doing household rituals where people can bring their own sweets, share and have a happy moments.
  • Arrange competitons during Diwali days for children and adults such as:
    Sweet making, Rangoli Making, Arranging flowers competitions etc
    Talent shows, music show and other cultural activities.
  • Dinner get togethers.

2) Give Firecrackers a complete miss:
Involve everybody in above events which can be substitute for burning firecrackers. It’s a difficult part to change people’s mind since years it had been followed. But today’s environment issues are alarming so need to change our mindset.

You can organise:

  • Nature walk or some outings
  • Visit children homes or oldage homes and share the Diwali moments with them. Donate clothes, stationary etc, play games with them or make sweets at home and celebrate Diwali with them.

3) Diyas for Illuminating Homes:
Go for extra diyas or candles to give better ambience to your house. Refrain from using electric lights or bulbs and instead use LED lights. In villages specially in Vasai, Virar people illuminate their stairs in bungalows with diyas which gives beautiful sight.

4) Fort Making
There is a tradition of making forts during Diwali. There are ready made forts available in Plaster of Paris and Paper mache. But it would be a great idea to organise a event for making big fort so that many people of your society will get involved.

5) Many more ways to celebrate:
If you or your society happens to celebrate Diwali in more innovative way please share your events, so that you can motivate more people and societies to follow your footstep.

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