After Tragic Death of a Doctor, This Duo Pledged to Make Mumbai Manhole Free

In August 2017, the death of Mumbai’s top gastroenterologist Dr Deepak Amarapurkar after falling into an open manhole, caused an uproar about the lack of safer roads.

However, like most waves, this eventually died out with time.

While, on the one hand, dust gathered over the issue diluting the once-vehement public outcry, on the other hand, two Mumbaikars prepared to put this to an end.

Their guiding motto: not to wait for anyone to lose a limb or their life, for the civic authorities to take action.

Owing to this, back in July 2018, the duo, Irfan Machhiwala and Mushtaq Ansari began to fill potholes on the streets of Mumbai. They have now centred their focus on open or sunken manholes and broken drainage covers.

In the last two weeks, they have already identified 62 manholes that were either not covered properly or were not on the level as the road.

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