Dipa To Perform World’s Dangerous Vault at Rio

Why we should be proud of Dipa Karmakar and what we need to know about her achievement?

Everybody knows Dipa Karmakar made history by qualifying for gymnastics representing India at Rio Olympics. But the interesting fact is that she will be the only gymnast attempting to dare – Produnova vault in Rio.

What is Produnova Vault?
This vault named after legendary athlete Yelena Produnova, who had mastered this vault. The level of this vault is very difficult consisting of a front handspring and two front somersaults.

Why it’s dangerous?
While performing this vault there is high risk in case a gymnast lands on their neck or spine. Dipa had also earlier mentioned that the vault is risky and there can be death if you land on the neck.

What is Dipa’s achievement?
With so much of risk involved in performing Produnova vault, only 5 women gymnasts have successfully performed. Dipa Karmarkar being the third women to successfully perform it. She is determined to take risk to earn a medal for country.

She has practiced Produnova almost 1000 times in the last six months.

Must Watch – Short documentary of her achievement

Dipa Karmarkar performing Produnova Vault at Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014:


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