Citizen Charter – Right To Service (RTS)

Are you dealing with delay in your work in Government offices? Your work is delayed deliberately? So here is the effective way you can deal with it. The Government had introduced this act in 2005. It is powerful than Right To Information (RTI). The law is known as Right To Service (RTS). Here is a brief information about how to use this law.

What is Right To Service Act (RTS)?
RTS Act is a law which empowers citizens to get done their work related to Government departments on time. It ensures citizens of quality pubic services from government department with the officially stipulated period of time.

In which form RTS exist?
RTS act officially known as “Government Servants Regulation of Transfers and Prevention of Delay in Discharge of Official Duties Act, 2005”. Each Government department displays the mechanism of nature of services it offers citizens, its time frame of deliverance and complaining officer on event of delay in work. This information can be seen in Citizen Charters which is displayed in electronic form on the website and prominently displayed in the concerned office.

What is the time frame within which the Government official should act on your requisition?
No file shall remain pending with any Government servant in the department for more than seven working days. Maximum of 3 months in case the file is to be referred to any other Department.

What is the procedure to file RTS?
The procedure to file RTS is kept minimum. The form procedures are provided such that filing can be done without any mistakes. This ensures that the person don’t have to visit again due to any incomplete forms. Below are the list of forms which you have to fill at the respective Government offices. Also in the link at the bottom you can see the printed formats of the forms.

Form A:
It is used for filling personal details

Form B:
This form has list of documents required to be submitted with application

Form C:
This form is the check list. In case the application found incomplete, the form can be immediately completed on the spot so that the applicant can complete the formalities.

Form D:
This form is a receipt provided after submission of the application in which the period is clearly mentioned for providing services and the citizen do not have to visit the concerned office again.

Additional Tips:
1. Check the services you require
2. Read the respective Citizen Charter of that Government agency available on their websites
3. On the event if the Citizen Charter is not displayed, inform them in writing

More Information
Citizen Charter to be updated in consultation with citizens by 2nd May every year.

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