Mumbai Park Gets Benches Made Out Of 6,500 Tetra Pak Cartons That Were Collected Over 3 Years

For a lot of us Tetra Packs is seen as an incredible innovation, given its ability to store food for months together. But when it comes to sustainability, this product has a huge potential. Instead of throwing it in the trash, this Mumbai-based NGO decided to collect Tetra packs over three years and use it to build park benches.

The park which was inaugurated in Colaba on Sunday, was an initiative led by the city-based non-profit organisation RUR Greenlife. The initiative was introduced by Renu Kapoor, who is a member of Colaba Area Locality Management.

We collected thousands of Tetra Pak cartons of milk, curd and aerated drinks. We used to create awareness at Colaba-specific events about the importance and possibility of recycling cartons”, Cynthia D’Mello, who is the trustee of My Dream Colaba, told the daily.

The plan was to encourage people to drop-off used cartons at different locations. They made sure that the collection box was secured with a lock to prevent theft.

According to reports, a single garden bench is made from 6,500 Tetra pack cartons within a span of two weeks.

The NGO has made 80 garden benches that can seat two to three individuals.
Even the smallest things can contribute towards sustainable living, all it takes is a little bit of an effort from each and everyone.

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