Exciting & Scenic Tarkarli / Devbaug Beach

Tarkarli is a village in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, located on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Tarkarli is well-known for its exotic white sand beaches. The main attraction of Tarkarli is backwaters in the southern part (Karli), Sangam beach, scenic beauty and fun water sports such as Scuba diving and Parasailing. Above all enjoy the loved hospitality of the villagers.

Tarkarli is a best place for a weekend getaway away from the busy life of a city. A minimum of 2 nights and 3 days stay is enough to enjoy the water sports and local sight seeing. There are several resorts offering comfortable AC/ non – AC rooms for tourists and visitors. Homestays are another option for people who would like to spend their weekends at Tarkarli without shelling out too much money.

A homestay named ‘Revankar’ where we stay, charged Rs 1600 per family for a night exclusive of breakfast and food. The breakfast and food served was typical Malwani style which was lips smacking. While resorts charge upto Rs 3000/- per night exclusive of foods.

Once you’ve settled down, one can now decide on how to spend your days.

Watch the video below of beautiful Sangam beach near Tarkarli. It has a spot where the land is surrounded with water.

Tarkarli and Devbagh Beach

Things To Do At Tarkarli

November is the best month to go for scuba diving.It will be open till month of April after which it is closed due to poor visibility under water. In India scuba diving is practiced only in two places, The Andaman - Nicobar islands & here in Tarkarli.

Scuba diving kit consists of eye glasses, a mask ( to cover the nose), oxygen cylinders. Scuba diving is one of the most loved water sports which let's you explore the deep sea, colorful fishes & corals. Trainers are available to teach you the basics and breathing technique and also to help you with queries & difficulties. Clicking pictures and videos are done by the trainers with their cameras.

Tips: Scuba is relatively very easy to do. Only thing is required is to do inhale and exhale through mouth. Most of the people are newbies and yet do it successfully. Only one may experience pressure in the ear drums. It's safe since there are personal trainers.

Cost : Rs 1200 per person.
Located at South of Malvan, the Karli backwaters are famous for its exotic water sports like Jet ski, Banana ride, Bumper ride, Para sailing, kayaking.

You need to hire a boat. It takes you to sight seeing of Dolphin point, Light house, Tsunami islands. The greenery at the Tsunami islands is impeccable. The mid sea beach at Sangam will really amaze you.

Boat cost Rs 700/-

Water sports Rs 700/- for 5 different rides.
While opting for Para sailing one must be ready to live the time of their life. A speed boat takes you into the deep sea through gushing waters.

And all of a sudden you find yourself in mid sea with the winds hitting you face and the sea below you. The feeling when you reach high up in air is speechless and will cherish throughout your life.

Cost : Para sailing per perso : Rs 800 per person & 200 extra for deep sea diving For two person : Rs 1200 + Rs 400 extra for deep sea diving.
Sindhudurg Fort

The Sindhdurg Fort situated on Kurte island is half a kilometer away from Malvan jetty. The main architect was Hiroji Indalkar.

(Click to read full history)

The time allotted is one hour within which visitors are expected to come back. Hiring a guide is highly recommended so that the important aspects of the fort are not over looked at. The fort consists of Temples, like the Bhavani Mata temple, Shri Mahadev temple.

Boat ride : Rs 70 for Adults & Rs 40 for children
The Rocky Garden is a well maintained & and serves to the Serenity of the surrounding.

The Jai Ganesh Mandir is yet another temple located near the Rocky shore. It is built by Shri Jayant Salgaonkar, a well known fortune teller and maker of “Kal Nirnay” calendar. It is a very beautiful temple with welcoming two elephant images, beautiful carvings, marble designs and a golden idol of Ganesh with Riddhi Siddhi.

Shopping (Market) : Nearest market is the Malvan market. Among the other stuff available the most popular dry fruit here is the Cashew. The market also offers a wide range of Indian spices. Some available eatables are Amba-Vadi & Poli, Garnacia indica (Kokum) juices, etc.
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