In some parts of Mumbai today BDD chawls are famous mostly in the area of Lower Parel. So what is the word BDD means? BDD is “Bombay Development Department”. BDD was established in 1920 and was responsible for providing more land for housing and constructing for 50,000 tenements on reclaimed lands.

BDD were responsible for various project. Following are their significant achievements:

  • Provide more land for housing and constructing.
  • Responsible for the Back Bay Reclamation project.
  • 50,000 tenements on reclaimed land.
  • Develop Salsette island and provide adequate water to the city of Bombay.
  • Reclaimed Marine Drive along the southern coast of the island of Bombay
  • Began developing suburbs to te north.

During 1947 there was mass influx of people various rural places of India. This was threat to the management of the city. So BDD devised “The Master Plan For Bombay”. The plan was intended to aid sanitation problems, alleviate industrial development and relieve traffic congestion. The BDD undertook massive housing schemes in the city what is now known as BDD chawls and also reclamation at Backbay.

Total BDD Chawls upto 2016:

BDD Chawls Worli
As of year 2016, total 195 BDD Chawls located at Worli, Naigaon and N M Joshi (Parel) cover an area of 86.98 acre, with the Worli BDD chawls occupying the maximum area of 59.69 acre.

Out of the 195 BDD chawls, the maximum of 121 chawls are in Worli. In all, there are 16203 tenements of which 2901 tenements have been earmarked for police housing.

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