73 Mumbai Homes Join Hands to Stop 1,500 Kg of Garbage From Ending Up in Landfills!

Spread across six acres in the suburb of Chembur in Mumbai, lies Green Garden Apartments, a gated community of 73 individual bungalows.

These households once generated over 600 kg of waste per month, most of which would be picked up by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) van, to be dumped into the nearest landfill. No segregation, no processing.

The residents now segregate organic waste in their homes and process it to produce about 100 kg of compost. This is used to enrich their green garden spaces.

How do they do it?

The first step was to encourage and train community members to segregate their waste into different categories such as dry, wet, and electronic waste.

To make the process smooth, the society hired a local contractor who picks up the segregated waste from individual homes and takes it to a composting facility set up by RUR GreenLife.

The contractor uses a segregation table and further separates the collected waste. He then sells the dry waste to scrap dealers.

Composting in RGGC is completely natural and requires 4-6 weeks to generate organic compost. Once this is ready, it is left to dry and cure.

The society that has been using the technology for the last year, generating 100 kg of compost per month. “We use it in our green garden spaces where we grow banana, papaya and several ornamental plants!”

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