5 Glamorous Non-acting Careers in Mumbai

It is perhaps the very air of Mumbai that attracts talented youngsters from all across the country. Every day, thousands of dreamers land in Mumbai to make their careers in acting, music, dance, and modeling.

Mumbai, famously known as the land of opportunities, also opens avenues for other glamorous careers. These non-acting professions can not only make you famous but help you earn as much as any other glamorous job.

Below are 5 Glamorous Non-acting Careers in Mumbai

1. Image Consultant

If you are a fashion-enthusiast with great interpersonal skills who enjoys grooming and mentoring, image consulting is for you. As an image consultant, you positively transform others’ lives by improving their appearance, personality, and communication, and by making them feel confident about themselves.

Additionally, you get an opportunity to work independently, have a good work-life balance and build something on your own. That is why more women choose to become image consultants. Once you become a certified image consultant in Mumbai, you can start your own consultancy and make a successful career.

2. Stylist

Stylist is an umbrella term for career opportunities in the field of fashion, style, makeup, and other relevant jobs. There are various options to choose from, such as celebrity stylist, hair stylist, corporate stylist and so on. Job descriptions for each type also vary depending upon the responsibilities.

If you have an impeccable sense of clothing and accessories, color combinations, fabric, hair style, make-up, and an ability to bring a fresh approach to your client’s personality, you could become a stylist. As a stylist, you could end up working with famous production houses, media channels, and fashion and lifestyle magazines.

3. Wardrobe Consultant

A wardrobe stylist works with celebrities, models, and other clients to help them select garments that are not only fabulous but set an example by being the best of its kind. Some wardrobe consultants work for the print and digital media for celebrity appearances.

Wardrobe consultants help their clients develop a unique style by coordinating with clothing brands and fashion designers. With a similar kind of job responsibilities, image consultants can also become a wardrobe consultant.

4. Soft Skills Trainer

Soft skills are the most essential qualities that companies look for when hiring candidates. Through this, an individual or employee develops the etiquette, interpersonal and presentation skills required for client-interaction and communication within networks.

And that is why, as a soft skills trainer, you have a huge opportunity to earn and grow. In this, you will help your clients realize their communication shortcomings and take action to correct them. As a trained professional, you can open your agency to provide soft skills training in Mumbai or work in companies.

5. Grooming and Etiquette Coach

Grooming and etiquette training aims to help professionals improve business interactions with customers, clients and colleagues through communication, presentation and soft skills training.

Grooming and etiquette coaching offers a huge earning potential. To become an etiquette coach, you can either go for courses dedicated to soft skills training or image consulting as both will train you on this.


So now you can see that there are various glamorous non-acting career opportunities that can earn you fame, money, and respect. And the best part is if you are a woman who wants to do more and build something of your own, here is your opportunity.

Almost all of these career options mentioned here allow you to work and operate independently. So, if you are waiting to launch your career as an entrepreneur and build your own agency, pick one of these options which is more interesting to you and start your business. More power to you!

Article by: Suman Agarwal, Co Founder, ICBI

Image source: Vernon Downs

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