20-Year-Old Mumbai Girl Set to Represent India at the Sport Climbing World Cup!

Image and Article source: TheBetterIndia

Did you know that there was a World Cup for sport climbing?

And a young woman from Mumbai will be one among the team representing India at the international competition held at Navi Mumbai!

In case you are wondering what sport climbing is all about, it is a form of rock climbing usually held indoors that has permanent anchors fixed to the rocks for protection, unlike traditional climbing where climbers have to fix their own protection to the rocks.

“When I was in class 8, I was selected for the Republic Day demonstration in my school because I used to climb a lot of trees,” she laughs.

However, things were never going to be the same for the young climber who realised her love for sport climbing after the program.

“Thankfully, my school had a climbing wall that gave me the opportunity to practice every day and hone my skills,” she says.

After being part of 22 national & four international competitions, Siddhi’s moment of glory arrived early this year when she won the Indian Open (Bouldering) Championship organized by Girivihar, one of the oldest mountaineering clubs in the country.

Now, the latest competition lined up for the 20-year-old is the upcoming World Cup tournament by the International Federation of Sport Climbing.

“Our team had participated in the IFSC tournament last year too. But the difference between then and now is the amount of preparation and training that I’ve undertaken,” Siddhi confidently says.

On how she manages her climbing pursuits along with her studies, she says, “For a person filled with passion, nothing seems like a barrier. Everyday after college, I spend two hours practicing. That way, I’m able to keep up with everything.”

Finding constant support from her parents, Siddhi is super excited about the World Cup. “I am confident this time. I hope I can do well at the World Cup this year,” she says.

With such passion and drive, we hope Siddhi is able to reach her dreams and find success.

The IFSC Climbing World Cup will be held from June 25 to 27 in Navi Mumbai.

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